Original Foods was started in the year 2008. As business owners the idea of frozen meals was an outflow of our busy lives. With small children and a business at the time it was hard to also provide balanced meals every day for the family.

We decided that the only way around the problem was to cook bigger quantities of food at a time and freeze it until it was needed. This brought us to the point where we realised that most people are in the same time and food dilemma and that we could provide a solution with frozen meals.

Our focus is on quality and convenience for our customers. This online ordering site was created with this in mind. Our goal is to provide the customer with a range of products which will mostly eliminate the need for cooking at home in a convenient and affordable way.

We believe that this is a powerful time saving tool. You can now use your valuable time to do the things which are really important to you without compromising on quality and variety of food.

Do you need wholesome meals on the go? Have a look at our wide selection of frozen meals and other offers. We are sure that you will find something to your liking. And you can’t go wrong with free deliveries in Gauteng.  So go ahead and order today.

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