What preservatives are used in your meals?

Frozen foods don’t require many preservatives because the process of preparing the food for freezing kills much of the bacteria living on the food.

Original Foods do not add any preservatives in its cooked meals. The immediate process of freezing the meals as soon as they are packed ensures its quality.


How are the meals packed?

Original Foods meals are packaged using the traditional process of hand packaging and weighing the meals, labeling the packages, sealing, freezing, and storing the meals for purchase. This tried and tested process has proved to extend the storage-life of our meals, maintain our products safety, and has helped preserve our meals over a longer period of time.

The packaging used for all Original foods meals are both microwaveable and ovenproof. To make it easier for the customer, Original Foods have developed packaging that can go straight from freezer to microwave.

Defrosting of all meals over night before heating is the preferred method of defrosting. However, microwave defrosting is also possible, and the more convenient options.